Bridgehead Coffee and Tea

fairly traded – guarantees a fair price for growers
organic – respects nature and growers’ health
shade-grown – protects land and preserves habitat


French Roast
Decaffeinated – Whole bean House Blend – Medium Roast
Special Order Coffee – Call to Inquire

Bridgehead Coffees are fairly traded, organic and shade-grown. Bridgehead creates a better deal for small-scale farmers. Small-scale farmers grow much of the world’s coffee. But world coffee prices now at a 20 year low mean that farmers are receiving less than the cost of production for their beans. Many farmers have had to walk away from their farms. Other farmers have been forced to clear-cut their land in order to increase crop production. Such intensive production comes at a cost to the environment.

Bridgehead buys directly from small-scale coffee farmers organized in co-operatives and guarantees them a fair price, well above the world market price. Farmers avoid dealing with “coyotes” or local intermediary traders who control the economic activities of local villages and exploit farmers. Higher coffee incomes mean local communities can build schools, health centres and roads. Farmers are also able to grow alternative cash and food crops in addition to coffee.

Tea – Assam & Green

Special Order Tea – Call to Inquire


We have been growing this old variety of garlic organically for six years by popular demand. It has a stronger flavour than commercial garlic.


Grass Fattened. We do not use antibiotics, we use herbs for deworming. Our lambs are raised on pasture. Their free range diet is supplemented with our own organic hay.


We do not use antibiotics with our pigs, we use herbs for deworming. The pigs are fed our own organic mixed grains balanced with our own organic soybeans.


We do not use antibiotics.

Ranged outdoors in non-moveable pens, they have access to fresh air and sunlight. Their diet consists of our own organic mixed grains balanced with our own organic soybeans.

Our laying hens are raised outdoors. They are fed organic grain/soya bean mix, plus organic sunflower seeds to enhance the qualtiy.

The ducks are fenced on pasture. They are fed our own organic mixed grains balanced with our own organic soybeans.

Because of poultry processors getting further and further away from the farm it has become uneconomical to have poultry meat.

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