Saunders Family Farm


Our philosophy at the Saunders Family Farm is to improve the soil and the natural habitat. We make as little impact as we can on the environment. We produce healthy, flavourful and well-balanced food for our customers while maintaining a livelihood for our family.

Buy local!

Reduce your carbon footprint.


We achieve our philosophy by using the organic methods of crop rotation and composting. These methods improve the soil microbes, ensure diversity of the habitat for insects, birds and animals and promote an overall balance between them. As a result, crop nutrition is well balanced and this balance provides better nutrition for livestock and humans (that’s you!).

Due to the unaffordable costs of organic certification, we are no longer “certified” organic. We will not be changing any of our organic
practices that we have assured our customers of since 1980.

Buying directly from the farm eliminates the need for distance haulage and the associated pollution. Your food dollar goes directly to the food producer when you buy fresh from the farm.

We promote genetic diversity by growing older varieties originally developed for flavour and to suit the organic methods of farming. In growing these varieties we are helping to maintain the genetic pool for future generations.

By choosing an environmentally friendly food supply our customers are supporting a healthy environment and good nutrition.

We would like to thank our valued customers for voting, with your food dollars, for a system with higher values.

Thank You.

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